Useful Tips

Useful Tips for Your Pressing Plumbing Concerns

Looking for answers to your pressing plumbing questions? The Plumbing Guy has provided answers to our frequently asked questions. For quick response emergency plumbing repairs in the GTA, call us 24/7.

How often should I change the gasket on my toilet?

We recommend changing toilet gaskets every 10 years.

How often does my hot water tank need to be changed?

For optimal operation, your hot water tank should be changed every 15 years.

Are visual plumbing inspections necessary?

Yes. To address potential problems before they become emergencies, we suggest you call us for a visual plumbing inspection once a year.

Can I leave my garden hose connected all year?

We recommend disconnecting your garden hose from the outside faucet before temperatures get below freezing.

Can I pour excess cooking oil down the drain?

Your plumbing system is very sensitive to materials that just weren’t meant to pass through it. Avoid disruptions and damage to your plumbing by never pouring grease or cooking oil down your drains.

Clogged Drain?

We fix clogged or slow draining sinks & more.